About Us

Clubhouz is the brainchild of Mark Luger, CEO of Digital Odyssey LLC. Mark had some help from:

  • Local Creative Community
  • Brave Programming Team
  • Leading Marketing Solutions Providers
  • Proprietary Cloud-based Personal Portals
  • SMB Ecosphere Under the Magnifying Glass

To be the GoTo Virtual Clubhouse for:

  • Sales & Marketing Agents, Executives and Channel Partners
  • Their Clients, Their reps and Client’s – Clients

Delivering an integrated solution that serves out, on-demand:

  • An excellent Customer Experience
  • Completely customizable Personal Portal
  • Content across-all-devices
  • Key Analytics to feed and reach KPI’s
  • Connectivity
  • Products, Services & Solutions
  • Lead Generation (Automated / Human)
  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing: Automation & Support Services
  • Consulting Network
  • News, Weather, Sports, Stocks, …


To be the Premier Provider of Clubhouz Portals worldwide. To connect people and bring them all together in one place to experience each other, in a more stimulating atmosphere that offers more for less.